Nekomancer Neenerman

Jack's Elven Sorcerer




Born in the lands of Demaglio, Neko O Chan was gifted with her magical powers from a young age

Having been abandoned by her parents when she was 3 weeks old, she was picked up by a pack roaming wild cats

\however these cats had magical electric powers and were called the THUNDER CATS by local traders

growing around these magical cats the young girl had no name, so her THUNDER CAT family named her Neko Chan, after her feline family.

The thunder cats taught neko chan their ways of storm sorcerery causing neko chan to develop a great power in storm magic.

Living in the THUNDER CATS radioactive swamp for 16 years Neko Chan developed some cat like limbs, having cat ears, a cat tail, and fangs which allow her to do nothing special except look kawaii as shit

however after 16 years neko chan decided to leave behind her cat kin to search for her true parents guided only by the fact her Dad is named Joel and her Mom is named Mary

Also Neko Chan has really big titties, like we’re talking F cup, they aren’t imprtant to her story or anything but they’re nice to look at, and tbh if I had the chance I motor boat them HARD for a week straight.


+significantly easier diplomacy with Felines/Cats

+ deep cleavage makes persuading mebers of the opposite sex much more easy

- Can not avoid fighting with dogs, and the only option with dogs is to fight

- wobbly titties make it hard to move on the battle field hindering dodge chance


5 foot 2 inches in height

84 years old (equivalent of 16 in human years)

weight: 110 lbs

gender: F

sexual interests: bisexual

adept as qa storm sorcerer

race: high elf

class: sorcerer

personality: happy af, also very horny

likes: big husky lads, yarn, getting scratched behind her ears, and fish meals

dislikes: party poopers, dogs, getting wet (normal liquid not getting aroused, she loves being aroused), thirsty people.

religious affiliation: the church of the great googly moogly

Nekomancer Neenerman

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